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Xuchang KETOP Testing Research Institute Co.,Ltd. (originally called Xuchang KETOP Electrical Apparatus Testing & Research Institute), hereinafter referred to as “KETOP Testing”, is an independent corporation entity approved as NCQTR (National Center for Quality Supervision & Testing of Relay Protection and Automation Equipment) and “National Center for Quality Supervision & Testing of Smart Micro-grid Control Equipment and System”.


KETOP Testing, as a third-party testing institution appointed by China State Bureau of Quality & Technical Supervision, is always sticking to “speed, smile and help customers succeed” service principle and devoting to researching on world’s most advanced measurement technology and test method of power system secondary protection equipment and smart micro-grid devices to provide authoritative test scheme and service, guaranteeing the quality of products in power system. Meanwhile, under the leadership and guidance of the superior department like AQSIQ (General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of the P.R.C), CNCA (Certification and Accreditation Administration of the P.R.C) and CMIF (China Machinery Industry Federation), KETOP Testing also undertakes the task of product quality supervision and product sampling.


Apart from persistently developing business, KETOP Testing is always actively absorbing progressive management ideology from home and abroad to optimize strategic management infrastructure of the laboratory, and improving laboratory management system according to constantly changing market demand for the sake of its market competitiveness. After many years of development and accumulation, KETOP Testing has possessed considerable social resources as well as excellent technical strength, and has gained enormous leverage in Chinese and even international electric power industry. This can be demonstrated as follows:

(1) Two National Quality Testing Centers:

l NationalCenterfor Quality Supervision & Testing of Relay Protection and Automation Equipment

l NationalCenterfor Quality Supervision & Testing of Smart Micro-grid Control Equipment and System

(2)  Industry Organization Resources:

l  One National Industry Association:Branch ofChinaElectrical Equipment Industry Association (CEEIA) on Relay Protection & Automation Devices

l  One National Academic Organization: Professional Committee of China Electro-technical Society (CES) on Electric Power System Control & Protection

l  One National Standard Committee: Technical Committee of Standard Administration ofChinaon Measuring Relays and Protection Equipment (SAC/TC 154)

l  One Chinese Core Journal: Protection & Control of Electric Power System

(3)  Public Service Platform Resources:

l  One National Evaluation Laboratory: KETOP Lab for Industrial Product (Relay Protection & Automation Devices) Quality Control and Technological Assessment

l  One National Energy Assessment Center: National Energy Assessment Center for Photovoltaic Power Generation Equipment 

(4) Core Human Resources:

l  One “Henan Province Scholar”: Dr. Zhiqing Yao

l  One “IEC/TC95”Chairwoman: Dr. Yaping Li

           l  One “IEC SG3”Strategic Expert Group member: Chun He