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   Impartiality Commitments   

In order to ensure the Impartiality of Xuchang KETOP Testing Technology Co.,Ltd. (Hereinafter referred to as KETOP Lab ), KETOP Lab makes the following commitment:

1. Our business do not accept any intervention from outside or other administrative institutions, which may have an impact on work quality. And the test results do not accept any intervention from the external or internal staff.

2. We would abide by constitutional laws and regulations, engaged in testing within the scope of the recognition ability of test in a legitimate, just and fair manner.

3. KETOP Lab and its staff shall not have any interest relationship with testing activities, issued data and results they engage in; Shall not engage in any activity which may damage independence and integrity of the testing; Shall not participate in any product design, development, production, supply, installation, use and maintenance activities which are related to the test or similar competitive project.

4. KETOP Lab and its staff may not be affected by any pressure coming from internal or external unfair commercial, financial and other aspects which may even affect the quality of work. In the meantime, KETOP Lab and its staff shall prevent commercial bribery.

5. We pledge to abide by CNAS-CL01 Testing and Calibration Laboratory Accreditation Standards and Laboratory accreditation criteria, and continuously improve the management system.

6. With the service concept "speed, smile, help customers succeed", we are dedicated to provide our customers with services of supreme quality and high efficiency to meet their needs.

7. We would meet the demands that come from general statutory authority or organizations which provide recognition for KETOP Lab.

8. Keep the customers' technical and non-technical secrets confidentiality which are known during the tests, all levels of personnel in KETOP Lab shall strictly abide by the regulation of the confidentiality and protection of ownership to protect customers’ confidential information and proprietary rights.

KETOP Lab will strictly abide by the commitment above, and we are open to accept supervision from all sectors of the community.


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