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  Team leaders  

l  Zhiqing Yao

Chairman of the board, Ph.D.

     "Central Plains Scholar", Professor level senior engineer


National Award for Science and Technology Progress First-prize winner  

The Governmental Special Allowance of the State Council winner

National outstanding scientific and technical workers

Henan province the most prestigious science and technology contribution award winner

Director of National Standardization Technical Committee for Measuring Relays and Protection Equipment

Director of Electric Power System Control and Protection committee of China Electro-technical Society

Vice chairman of China Electrical Equipment Industrial Association Branch of Relay Protection and Automation Equipment

Team Business Card

He is a knowledgeable scholar, who is also a wise and steady manager. He created the forge ahead spirit of KETOP through his sharp business mind and superb command strategy. KETOP realized a massive boost on the team cohesion and customers' satisfaction under the guidance of Yao. In the new era of vigorous development in smart grid he will lead KETOP forge ahead continuously!

l  Yaping Li

    The General Manager

    Ph.D., Professor level senior engineer


Chairman of IEC/TC95 Technology Committee

The International Electro-technical Commission, "Thomas Edison 2012" award winner

Member of the 12th National People's Congress

China standardization expert

The first China Quality Advanced Workers

Top ten quality characters in China

Henan province outstanding talents on scientific and technological innovation

Team Business Card

In more than ten years, a remarkable professional testing team has gradually become well-established under her leadership; it keeps on advancing towards the international standardization stage, heading the standardization of China’s relay protection industry, serving thousands of customers, and expanding the business to new fields of science and technology. The team under her leadership is united like a fortress and invincible wherever it reaches.

l  Quanxi Li

Vice-general Manager

Senior engineer


Standardization expert of the power system industry

Team Business Card

The most experienced technical team is the perfect product he created through efforts for twenty years. The pragmatic, rigorous and innovative spirit is the core DNA of this model team. They have witnessed China’s technical development in the field of relay protection, and have made all efforts to promote this great progress. In the face of challenges, they are strong and never retreat.

l Wei Wang

Vice-general Manager

Senior engineer


Expert of Power System Dynamic Simulation 

Team Business Card

He takes care of every single thing to set an example personally, and leads the team to stride forward persistently. They always study other people and find out what else are needed; and always ask themselves and find out what else they can do. They are interpreting the essence of power system simulation with their patience, sincerity and persistence. In the spring for construction of China’s smart grid, they are creating more and more dazzling simulation miracles.

l  Chun He

Vice-general Manager

Senior engineer


IEC SMB SG3 Senior expert of the Smart Grid Strategy Expert Group

CIGRE Chinese expert group member

IEEE member

Team Business Card

A passionate leader followed by a young and capable team. As the forerunners in the field of communication protocol testing in China, they dare to carry heavy burdens, and have grown to be capable of showing their strength on the world level IEC61850 technical stage. Their oath is to make innovative breakthroughs by hard skills.

l  Xia Song

Vice-general Manager

Customer service specialist

Team Business Card

Her team enjoys a good reputation as “smiling angels”, they are women soldiers with both beauty and wisdom. Their sincere and ingenious ideas make customer services vivid and deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. Greetings of 52 mails every year, one telephone return visit every month and countless smile receptions every day, all of which are their dedication of the beautiful mind.