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   Strategic Planning  

The quality policy of KETOP Lab is guiding the development direction and goals. We plan the development direction and goals from the aspects of mission, goals, strategy and values.

1.       The Quality Policy of KETOP Lab

Speed, Smile and Help customers succeed.

2.       The Service Goal of KETOP Lab

Customer satisfaction index is not lower than 80%;

The response time of consignation is not more than 30 minutes;

The response time of handling customer complaints is not more than 24 hours;

The response time of handling test problems is not more than 1 hour. 

3.       The Mission of KETOP Lab

Responsible for clients, help them succeed and improve product quality with honesty and fairness;

Responsible for customers, help them strengthen control to maintain safe and reliable operation;

Responsible for employees, help them plan their career and create growth space, improve their life quality;

Responsible for the society, repay the society, promote social progress, live in harmony with the society.

4.       Development vision of KETOP Lab

Becoming China's first-class testing service institution, and renowned in the world.

5.       Development strategy of KETOP Lab

Continuously improve the laboratory management system, and establish a distinctive service platform for clients;

Create a harmonious corporate culture, and improve employees’ satisfaction to their work;

Professionalize the main testing business and shape the brand of the industry;

Cooperate extensively with customers and occupy the market opportunities;

Take the international developing path and build an international brand.

6.     Quality commitment of KETOP Lab

Provide high quality and efficient service to all customers;

Keep secret for customers’ proprietary rights;

Responsible for the inspection data and conclusion;

Responsible for the timeliness of testing services conforming to the contract;

Assume the corresponding obligations and legal liability for testing.