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       Automation System and Communication Test & Research  

Automation system and communication test center mainly engaged in conformance testing and interoperability testing of the power system, all kinds of protective devices and automation devices are tested and researched as well.


1)  Automatic system

Substation automation system

Dispatching automation (SCADA) system

Distribution automation system

Relay protection fault information system

Time synchronization system

Electric energy metering system

PMU(phasor measurement units) and WAMS(Wide Area Measurement System)

2) Intelligent equipment

Merging unit

Intelligent terminal

Merge unit and  intelligent terminal integrated device

Tele-communication management machine

Protection and Fault Information Management Sub-station


Communication protocols, Interoperability Test:

  1) IEC60870-5 series (parts101,102, 103, 104 protocols),

  2) IEC61850 series (parts 6, 8-1, 9-2 and UCAIug level A certification for Ed1.0 MMS server and 9-2LE publisher)

  3) MODBUS RTU_TCP/IP、DL 451(CDT protocol),  DL/T 645(electric meter communication protocol), 

  4) Load management protocol (DL/T 698), Remote meter reading(Q/GDW 374) 

  5) Electric vehicle charger (IEC61851, GB/T 27930), etc.

Intelligent equipment function and performance test

Automatic system function and performance test


IEC 60870-5 series testing tools: KEMA UnIECim test system

IEC60870-5-102 protocol test tool: ART-102 IEC 102 Simulator

IEC61850 test tool: KEMA UnCAsim test system

 (Including SCL check up simulator, MMS Clients and Server simulation software, GOOSE  simulation and message analyzing sofware)