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KP-ART302 Merging Unit tester

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What can an ordinary merging unit tester do for you ?

1Use a single analog channel test

Test only one channel at a time, when faced with a device with dozens of analog channels, testing personnel needs to do a lot of repetition - wiring, testing,wiring...It’s time-consuming obviously.

2single test item

Only the single index such as amplitude error or phase error can be tested, the test personnel would have been of no help when face the other test items or index on the standards.

3Manual or semi-automatic test method

The more manual operation, the less degree of automation. It’ll be low-efficient and error-prone when facing the project with multi-channel and multipoint.

4Difficult to data processing

A large quantities of original data need to be processed during late-stage testing, and it’ll just like fell into the data ocean for test members if without any automatic means to help.

What can ART-302 merging unit tester get you ?

1High Accuracy and stability of testing channel

2Multi-analog  channel synchronous test

3 Multi-item Comprehensive coverage test

4 One-click automation test

5Intelligent Determination for test result

6Automated data processing

1 tester, 30 minutes, 67 projects turn to one click affair!

Function Introduction

ART - 302 merger unit tester is a professional testing equipment researched independently by Ketop Lab, which is studied on the software and hardware platform of NI company in the United States, aiming at testing the stability of analog input merging unit.

ART-302 is able to collect ac analog (voltage, current) and samples values in IEC61850-9-2. All the test items are follow the standards of DL/T 282-2012 Technical Requirements for Merging Unit and Q/GDW11015-2013 Testing specification for Merging unit with analogue input.

1. Accuracy's calibration software

 Accuracy's calibration software mainly support the calibration service for merging unit. This part can achieve the function of real-time amplitude error and phase error values display, and the numerical statistics, selection of maximum, minimum or average, to help test personnel to adjust channel correction coefficient.

2.  Automatic testing software

Automatic test module device is used for testing the equipment completely configurated . It’ll be ordered  to carry out the selected items, and the under-test information, the current test items, the remaining test items, the relevant data in digital channels and measurement precision will be real-time displayed in the main interface. At the same time, the test results can be implemented automatically determine, and synchronous storage with the original waveform file, which is convenient for checking and tracing.

Application case

Analog input merging unit of State Grid Corporation net test (150 devices for 5 batches)

Merging unit intelligent terminal integrated device of State Grid Corporation net test (40 devices for 3 batches)