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KP-F6 Multi-function Recorder and Analyzer

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KP-F6 is mainly used for waveform recording and fault analyzing in the power system relay protection and safety automatic equipment, which are composed by special multi-function wave record and power system fault diagnosis expert. The main technicalcharacteristics are as follows:

(1) Powerful Fault Recording Function

 32 channels for analog input, applicable to AC signal and DC signal;
        32 channels for digital input, suitable for idle contact and 24V~220V;
        The highest sampling frequency is 1MHz, the synchronous sampling error between channels is less than 2 us, and the precision is less than 0.2%;
        Support Continuous wave recording and have oscilloscope function;
        Support historical recorded data Searches, have a flexible starting mode;
        Intelligent recording function with IEC61850.

(2) Perfect Recording Analysis Function

       Have a special drawing mode for AC and DC, respectively;

       Record wave files can be exported in a variety of data or image format;

       Simple and flexible formula editor;

       A variety of filtering algorithm, sequence component, harmonic and other information integrity;

       Real time display protection action time.

(3) Integrated visualization configuration platform

 Independent research and development of the configuration software platform, easy to function expansion and analysis process transparent;

 Open configuration function, can be developed to verify the integrity of the relay protection logic;

       Embedded typical relay protection source, providing software development and examples .