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      New Energy Test & Research 

For the  New Energy Test & Research Center, the main test category includes wind power, photovoltaic power , electric vehicle charging system, battery energy storage system etc. And the main test items include configuration and technology inspection, electrical performance, environmental and safety tests etc.


Photovoltaic power station and equipment: PV inverter, PV combiner assemblies, battery energy storage system etc.

Wind power equipment: Double-fed converter, Permanent magnet converter, Pitch control system etc.

Electric vehicle charging and battery swap system: Electric vehicle off-board conductive charger, Battery pack charger, A C charging spot, Connection set for conductive charging of electric vehicles, Battery swap system, Battery pack, Monitoring system of charging station etc.

AC/DC power system: DC power of power system, Communication power, UPS, Inverter, AC/DC integrated uninterruptible power supply equipment, Battery, Insulation monitoring device etc.


Electrical performance test, Protection function test, Insulation performance test, Climate environmental test, Mechanical environmental test, LVRT test etc.


1) LVRT test system for PV inverter     

2) 1MW anti-landing test system     3) Electric vehicle charger test system

4) Grid simulator                                5) PV simulator